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“The moment a child is born,
the mother is also born.
She never existed before.
The woman existed, but the mother, never.
A mother is something absolutely new.”

The Business Of Being Born

Produced by actress Rikki Lake and filmmaker Abby Epstein “The film interlaces intimate birth stories with surprising historical, political and scientific insights and shocking statistics about the current maternity care system. When director Epstein discovers she is pregnant during the making of the film, the journey becomes even more personal.” A must see film for all expecting parents.

My Best

Listed as “ Ricki Lake’s community for people to share experiences and options about pregnancy, natural birth and holistic parenting.” Features webisodes and video.


Excellent resource for information on natural childbirth.


“ is dedicated to providing information that will help families have the best birth possible – a safe, gentle, positive birth experience that supports happy, healthy families. The site was created and is maintained by Ronnie Falcao, LM MS, a homebirth midwife in Mountain View, California.” The site also includes an archive of midwife anecdotes.

Drugs In Labor

Article from Midwifery Today about labor drugs.

Home Birth Article

From Time Magazine, an article about giving birth at home.

Natural Childbirth Discussion

From the Journal of Perinatal Education, a discussion on natural childbirth.

Dona International

Dona International – An association of doulas. Find a doula near you and read about current topics in doula care.

Classic Keepsake Kit
Here’s a fun way to put a personal spin on Baby’s First Ornament. Commemorate your child’s first holiday (not to mention how tiny they once were) with this special ornament bearing their hand or foot print. Click on image to order.

American College Of Midwives

American College of Nurse-Midwives explains the role of a midwife and has a search service.

Orgasmic Birth

“Joyous, sensuous and revolutionary, Orgasmic Birth brings the ultimate challenge to our cultural myths by inviting viewers to see the emotional, spiritual, and physical heights attainable through birth. Witness the passion as birth is revealed as an integral part of woman’s sexuality and a neglected human right.”

Choosing A Hospital

Things to consider when choosing a medical facility.

C-Section Recovery

Website dedicated to c-section recovery – physical and emotional.

Vaginal Birth After Cesarean

A site that “provides childbearing women and maternity care professionals access to research-based information, resources, continuing education and support for VBAC* (vaginal birth after cesarean). “

C-Section Discussion

A discussion on c-sections by Michael and Pascal Odent.

Sample Birth Plans

Sample birth plans to help you compose the birth you desire.

Soothing Article On Birth Via C-Section

From the Birthing from Within approach.

Birth Shock

Interesting discussion on birth shock.

Solace For Mothers

“Solace for Mothers is an organization designed for the sole purpose of providing and creating support for women who have experienced childbirth as traumatic.”

The Mind Of Your Newborn Baby

A beautiful excerpt from The Mind of Your Newborn baby by David B. Chamberlain, Ph.D.

The Association For Prenatal & Perinatal Psychology & Health

Lot’s of interesting information.

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