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One of our reporters working hard on a story!

Parenthood is a humbling experience that keeps you constantly on your toes! Everyday the Internet offers new information and online services that have the potential to help us become better parents, grandparents or caregivers to the children in our world. We aim to deliver this baby news to our readers. This website was created in unison with the birth of our first child. We wanted to share the treasure trove of online information that we found relating to trying to conceive, pregnancy, child birth and raising a healthy and happy baby.

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  1. Dr. G permalink
    March 28, 2012

    I believe the reason Pediatricians recommend rice cereal as the first one for infants is:

    rice cereal consists of the smallest genome of all foods; and is touted as the most non-allergenic of all foods.

    If these are true facts then the test of time has been verified i.e. societies all over the world have learned this empirically?

    Dr. G.

  2. Dr. G permalink
    April 7, 2012

    Reference ( there are multiple via a quick Google search) found to verify that Rice does indeed have a very small, if not the smallest, genome of all cereals.

    Dr. G.

    ( and kudos to Tammy for such a wonderfully educating cyberspace site).

    Jan 9, 2003 … Rice (Oryza sativa), an important food crop worldwide, has the smallest genome size of all cereals at 430 million base pairs of DNA.

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