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On March 11, 2011 the Japanese people suffered a triple tragedy of gigantic proportions. A 9.0 magnitude earthquake hit northern Japan. The massive quake triggered an enormous tsunami with waves measuring up to 133ft.  The combination of the powerful quake and the destructive waves of the tsunami caused several severe nuclear accidents. The most serious set of nuclear accidents occurred at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Fukushima Province. The Fukushima nuclear meltdowns have been rated a 7 on the International Nuclear Event Scale. The crisis is an ongoing nuclear event. As the silent seepage of radiation still continues into the atmosphere and Pacific Ocean. The Fukushima nuclear power station accident is the worst nuclear disaster that the world has known, surpassing the calamity of Chernobyl.

That fateful day of March 11, 2011 instantly and oddly our fates were united in ways hereto unseen.  That fateful day all children in the western hemisphere became Children of Fukushima.  At World Baby Report, we have dedicated this page to providing information – as we are able to locate – news and resources concerning the ongoing radiation accident at the Fukushima nuclear power station. Specifically, how the Fukushima radioactive fallout relates to pregnant women, babies and children. Again, do not think that since you do not reside in Japan that you and your family have not been impacted by these catastrophic events. Sadly, you have. The radiation from Fukushima has steadily drifted into the atmosphere and the Pacific Ocean since March 2011. Fukushima fallout has been actively recorded in all parts of the Northern Hemisphere. Outside of Japan: Canada, Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, Northern California and other parts of the United States have detected significant increased radiation in air, water, milk and in food.  Other countries within the northern hemisphere have also reported elevated levels that have been traced back to Fukushima nuclear accident.

Please be proactive in protecting your family from the dangers of radiation.  Please take the information that you have learned and share your knowledge with those unaware of the continuing radiation exposure. Please raise your voice, your pen, your wallet or whatever ready measure you possess to stop and cause remedy to the plight of our people and planet.

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“RPHP members Joseph Mangano and Janette Sherman have published a report with preliminary information showing rising infant deaths in areas hardest hit by Japanese fallout.  Using CDC data, the researchers found a 35% rise in the Pacific Northwest and a 48% rise in Philadelphia.”

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