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My Stuff Bags Foundation

2010 February 28

This last week I have uncovered far too many disturbing headlines concerning children.  It  has left me wondering if something within society is degrading at an particularly accelerated pace. There was the shocking video of a drunk mother throwing her baby onto the concrete floor of a train station in Australia.  Then, the delusional mother who starved her one year old to death because he would not say “Amen” before eating.  And, other horrible front page accounts of children suffering from torment and death often at the hands of those who should have been their most ardent defenders.  Clearly, the job of protecting children from the evil forces of neglect, abuse and abandonment  is one that is constant. A by the minute battle to save lives, to rescue bodies from physical harm and minds from mental anguish. I think of how my own young son is so dependent on his family to love and shelter him.  This relationship affords him a solid foundation on which to thrive and I wish the same for all children. What a wonderful world it could be.

Here is part II in a series of monthly articles seeking to highlight organizations that are dedicated to caring for children.

In 1988 a terrific charity was born called the My Stuff Bags Foundation. The work of this charity has honestly put tears in my eyes.  Over 300,000 children in the united states annually are rescued from abusive and neglectful situations and find themselves in crisis centers or in the custody of protective services. That is 34 children every day.  When suddenly rescued they find themselves in a foreign environment often void of personal possessions.  Many arrive with only the clothes on their backs.  With not a teddy bear to snuggle nor a toy to occupy and distract them from their fears.

“We can’t all be there to hold these unfortunate children, but we can give them something to hold on to…a My Stuff Bag.”

The organization’s Mission and Vision states:

My Stuff Bags, a Growing Mission

My Stuff Bags Foundation’s mission is to provide powerful advocacy on behalf of abused, abandoned and neglected children across the United States. The Foundation rallies widespread individual and corporate involvement through its unique program, My Stuff Bags, to address the needs of these children and support the organizations caring for them.

The foundation’s ultimate goal is to provide a My Stuff Bag to each of the over 300,000 children entering crisis and foster care each year.

The charity provides bags to children from o -16 years of age.  All bags are filled with new and age appropriate items. Items often include: toys, a warm blanket, toiletries and clothing.

How To Get Involved:

Volunteer to pack the bags

Donate items for the bags

Make a blanket

Apply for bags if you are associated with an organization that could benefit from the program

Make a monetary donation

Spread the good word

Here is a direct link to the organization’s website: My Stuff Bags Foundation

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