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Radiation Mitigation Measures – An Interview With Dr. Mark Sircus

2012 August 7

The worst case of global child abuse this world has ever witnessed is silently happening, NOW, all around you. It is attacking little by little every child that you know. This is a stealth abuse that attacks vital organs, the blood ways and warps the DNA of our beloved children. We can’t see, smell or taste the abuser. But fellow parents and child advocates the unfortunate truth is that ongoing nuclear catastrophe at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant, in Japan, is threatening the well-being and very life of our unborn, babies and small children.  This is not just a threat to Japanese children, those living in the Pacific Northwest or the those on the West Coast. It impacts ALL children as our planet is tiny. Our oceans and air masses are shared. What is in the wind today a world away — sooner or later— finds its way to your neighborhood.

Rather than be complacent and resign our children to a life of disease, illness and a permanent deficit in intelligence.  We, the caregivers of the world’s children need to develop protective protocols to mitigate their exposures to radioactive fallout. Although all nuclear power Plants have documented leaks, the largest current risk of radiation endangering all livings things is from Fukushima. Only an utter miracle can halt the continuing tide of radiation being released from this ill-fated plant. The human race has never witnessed such an epic man-made disaster.  A thorough “fix” to the troubled nuclear plant is beyond the comprehension of science today. The legacy of Fukushima is here for millions of years, as radioisotopes such as iodine-129 litter the planet. This is the unfortunate environmental truth that we have bequeathed to our children.

What is frustrating as a parent, is the deafening silence from the world governments and medical institutions regarding how to defend our babies and children from the devastating impacts of radiation. Only a minority of admissions about the scope of the problem have been reported in the mainstream media. Our medical institutions have been infiltrated by nuclear propaganda that shamefully serves to dissuade physicians and health science professionals that low doses of radiation pose no harm. Thus the majority of  obstetricians and pediatricians and other health care professionals are largely ignorant of this epic health concern. Government agencies tasked to inform the larger public have been caught in deliberate deception —  a debacle that undermines the principles of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Each day that a parent WAITS for an official response from either the government or that of a medical institution proclaiming danger is a day that a parent has forever lost to protect their child. Time is crucial. If you have already been taking measures to protect your child from radiation — continue those protocols.  If you are a parent just learning of the radiation dangers — know that it is never too late to begin protecting your child. Start protective measures today.

World Baby Report has had the pleasure and honor of speaking to the renowned Marcus Sircus Ac.,OMD.  A loving father of six, Dr. Sircus has long been an advocate for the well-being of the unborn, babies and children. He is a human being that has said:” My main mission is to protect the children, newborns, and the pregnant mothers that carry them. That is because my greatest focus in life is on the delicate space of vulnerability. “ Such advocacy, is found in his mudraking book” Terror of Pediatrics” which highlights the assault of procedures babies and small children endure in their first years by the medical establishment. He also is the author of the excellent publication “Humane Pediatrics“.  It is a book that envisions a new way of approaching pediatric medicine with a focus of offering treatments and procedures that thwart toxic burdens and damaging medical-pharmaceutical assaults.

Dr. Sircus is not shy about confronting head-on medical issues that some medical professionals continually duck. His work is well documented and thoughtful. And commendably, Dr. Sircus has been at the forefront of discussion regarding the Fukushima nuclear disaster from day one. Publishing two books in its wake: Nuclear Toxicity Syndrome – Treatments for Nuclear and Chemical Nightmares and Iodine – Bringing Back the Universal Medicine.

We interviewed Dr. Sircus with the direct hope of gaining his thoughts on how Fukushima radiation is impacting our babies and children.

Dr. Mark Sircus (Photo property of IVMA)



WBR – Why are the unborn, babies and young children most at risk from radiation dangers?

DMS –  The accepted reason is that the radiation effects cells that are reproducing the fastest. So,in a newborn or fetal situation all the cells are reproducing rapidly. Just that alone on a mathematical level increases their vulnerability.

WBR– Is radiation from Fukushima just a problem for Japanese parents, or just those on the West Coast or Pacific Northwest in the United States? Who exactly should be concerned?

DMS Everybody has exposure. (there is) No escaping it.

Sircus cites fallout maps that illustrate the global spread of the radioactive wrath.  See our story.  He vocalizes the inconvenient truth that North America was and is downwind of a nuclear disaster.  Residing in Brazil since 1991, Sircus laments that even countries within the Southern Hemisphere will be unable to escape Fukushima ‘s radioactive wrath.

WBR–  Should parents be more concerned about airborne fallout…or more concerned about the bio-accumulation?

DMS – You need a simplistic approach. Meaning…Parents have to protect or future parents have to protect their future children from an enormous array of difficulties that are just increasing.”

Dr. Sircus views the newly present dangers of Fukushima radiation as an addition of the already troubling basket of environmental and medical assaults that plague our children.  A harsh critic of vaccine protocol, viewing such actions against newborn babies as terrorist like, the addition of radioactive isotopes along with already existent pollutants— in the air, water, food and products — heightens the need for parental vigilance to ensure child welfare.

Sircus reminds us that western coastal states have been victimized already by environmental pollution (mercury, lead and particulate matter) streaming from overseas industrial powerhouses, such as China and India.  Fukushima radiation adds another layer of endangerment.

WBR – What can parents do to protect their children?

DMS – 

Sircus suggests implementing the following 5 protocols to mitigate against radiation and other pollution assaults.

  1. Proper hydration with good water .
  2. Magnesium supplementation via magnesium chloride bath flakes for children. Or, by spraying magnesium chloride on a child’s skin .
  3.  Iodine supplementation . (He prefers Nascent iodine. But, also recognizes ‘Lugols Solution as a popular choice).
  4.  Sodium Bicarbonate baths (aluminum free Baking Soda)
  5. Edible Clay

The baths that Dr. Sircus advocates are known as medical baths. He writes in an introduction to his book Bicarbonate and Magnesium  Medical Baths:

Bath time is more than just a time to clean your baby or child; it can also be a special time to care for a child’s nutritional and medical needs even when perfectly healthy. By loading their baths with nutritional medicinals like bicarbonate, magnesium and even iodine, we can strengthen our children against the toxicities of the world. We can also strengthen them before receiving ill-advised vaccines since their magnesium and bicarbonate-deficient bodies will be more vulnerable to the toxic insult that vaccines present directly to the blood, which is, after all, a highly sensitive medium.”

Read more radiation protection measures in this article by  Dr. Sircus Treatments for Nuclear Contamination

WBR – If a parent fails to institute any remediation what is the eventual writing on the wall? What will the next generation of the world’s children look like?

DMS –  “Go research Chernobyl and see what has happened to the children there. You will get a good picture”

Studied children within the Chernobyl nuclear disaster area were plagued by heart disease (Chernobyl Heart), blood cancers, thyroid cancers, thyroid disorders, various other cancers and day-to-day complaints reflecting a variety of ills. Their immune systems never recovered. The ravaged immune system of Chernobyl survivors has led some to coin the debilitating set of health condition as”Chernoybl Aids”.  Birth defects and accelerated genetic mutations became common observances. The fallout impact has continued to haunt the health of subsequent generations.

In the four-month aftermath of the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, researchers Ernest Sternglass and Jay Gould concluded that even the United States experienced a 3.1% rise in infant mortality. Their research also uncovered US government documents that displayed increases in other radiation- induced health concerns such as newborn hypothyroidism, infant leukemia and childhood thyroid cancer. Fukushima is a much larger, longer and closer hit to North America then Chernobyl. Recent evidence compiled since the Fukushima disaster by Dr. Joseph Mangano and fellow colleague Dr. Janette Sherman indicate another unfortunate rise in infant deaths due to nuclear fallout.  In the 14 weeks following Fukushima the death rate for infants under the age of one increased over the same span of time for the prior year. More unfortunate and foreboding evidence of the saga of Fukushima is certain to b e revealed.  Scientific data, however, is slow to unfold. Protective protocols should not hinge on the release of government reports and scientific journals. The Age of Concern is the present.

WBR –  Any parting advice to parents?

“You can only do your best.  Keep an open heart and tune in to the highest”

What endears Sircus most to his followers is revealed in his response. His voice becomes relaxed, peaceful and knowing as a philosophical yet practical response is formatted.  Dr Sircus cautions about getting paranoid about the environmental challenges we face. He urges that we need to care for our souls and honor those that we truly value and connect with the higher powers in our life.  In heartfelt expression he voices that there is “No real choice but to go more spiritual.” what carries him through is “Loving his wife more and spending the with children…and  turning to the highest (power).

He does indicate though we need to “take defensive moves” such as “Being smart” with the five methods mentioned in his above protocol.  Overall, he suggests that dodging radiation fallout or other environmental toxins is not a game of baseball, where as a pitcher you can duck. The assaults are invisible. 

We thank Dr. Sircus for his interview.  For  further information about Dr. Sircus and to receive his medical commentaries visit the International Medical Veritas Association.

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