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2010 July 1


Mini IVF: Offering Women An Alternative To Traditional IVF

For women facing fertility challenges Mini IVF is another avenue to explore in the quest to conceive.  Mini IVF harvests a smaller amount of eggs —but of higher quality. The procedure is minimally invasive and most women feel little pain. Further benefits are that large doses of hormones are not necessary. Physiologically, this leads to less dramatic hormonal swings and a reduction in the threat of over stimulating the ovaries. The procedure is also more economical as the need for prescribed fertility drugs is at a lower threshold.

Controversial Breastfeeding Remark

Recently, Kathyrn Blundell the deputy editor of a leading UK parenting magazine wrote that she felt the act of breastfeeding was a “a little creepy”.  After a global- momma -uproar she recanted and suggested that her musings on her breasts and babies were mere hyperbole — a simple joke.  And, in classic PR recovery mode the parenting advisor later applauded breastfeeding.

I don’t buy her explanation.  Even in jest, I would never associate anything about my child or anything that I do for my child as “creepy”.  Sweet, innocent, loving  and pure….are just galaxies away from creepy. Personally, I think she has other issues pertaining to her motherhood that she needs to address.

Breastfeeding is not for everyone for a variety of reasons. This article from the Sun UK provides two contrasting perspectives on breastfeeding.  I can respect these featured mothers for their honesty and serious examination of the issues.

Homemade Baby Food Basics

Here is an informative article, from the University of Maine, covering all aspects of making your your own baby food. Learn about which foods to feed, safe preparation, utensils needed, storage advice, heating tips and recipe ideas.

Baby’s Got Back

Pampers has teamed up with designer Cynthia Rowley to create a new line of designer diapers to be sold exclusively by Target.  Tiny bottoms can soon be diapered in 11 pastel styles such as madras plaid, stripes and ruffles. Okay, kinda cute.  And, perhaps a sign that economy is picking up…? No mention of price here, but I am assuming that these are a just a wee bit more than the standard utilitarian white diaper.

Pregnancy R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Here a few side stories about pregnancy discrimination in the news and moms seeking respect and justice via the legal system:

From the Twilight Zone ….

The FORCE Is on The Side Of Justice

Pregnancy discrimination unfortunately is still common in the workplace.  Learn about your rights, click here.

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