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2010 April 2


Post Baby Sex Slump

Finding a good baby sitter is not the only impediment to recapturing the romance post baby.  CNN explores the social and medical reasons for the plunge in sexual desire some women face and offers suggestions on how to get that groove back!

Celiac Disease Linked To Infertility?

Researchers are trying to determine if Celiac Disease, especially at a sub-par level, hinders reproductive success.

Severe Pregnancy Anxiety Might Impair Baby

A study has indicated that a high degree of anxiety throughout pregnancy could be related to a decreased level of cognitive development at 12 months.

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Mini Mars  &  Mini Venus

CBS News video segment on gender traits in babies.

Strep B

Know the facts.

Subsequent Pregnancies Increase Stroke Risk

Korean researchers have found that, within their study group, that each additional pregnancy could potentially increase a woman’s lifetime stroke risk by 27%.  Lead Researcher Yoon and study colleagues noted “Further research concerning the biologic, environmental, and psychosocial basis for this association would be meaningful in order to develop appropriate prevention strategies”

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1st Year Reflections: A Dad’s Perspective

Dr. Scott Cohen author of ” Sleep, Nap &  Poop” discusses how becoming a dad changed him as a pediatrician.

Maternity Ward Nurse Gives Birth on Interstate

A Dallas woman gave birth to her 4th child on a local interstate.  A  trained maternity ward nurse, she calmly aided paramedics in the delivery by freeing her newborn daughter from the umbilical cord, which had twice wrapped around her the infant’s neck.

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Celebrity Cradle

Actress and mom-to-be Tiffani Thiessen is preparing to give birth to her first child using HypnoBirthing.

Mambo Sprouts

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20 fun & creative ways to decorate the incredible edible egg.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Peeps, But were Afraid To Ask.

I am personally not a a huge Peeps fan….I would rather bite into a yummy chocolate bunny, bottom paws first, any day of the year. Still, I love seeing these marshmallow harbinger’s of commercial Easter stacked up in the stores next to fluorescent green bags of grass, the bountiful bunny brigade and pretty pastel jellybeans.  As both “Nana” and “Grandma” are loyal followers of Peeps I am sure C won’t be denied if even the Easter Bunny somehow omits them from our home delivery.

There will not be a Weekender edition issued this weekend as I will be celebrating the Easter Holiday with my family.  I am really looking forward to making a fun basket for C.  Two years ago on Easter morning a pregnancy test confirmed that I was expecting.  A message inside a colored egg, nestled in a basket amongst sugary treats, gleefully announced to DH that a baby was on the way….finally. The symbolism (renewal, eggs, rabbits..) was magical. It was the most amazing early spring day and the world seemed to stand still for us as we took in the awesome news gifted to us from above.

Wishing a wonderful Pesach and beautiful Easter to All. Enjoy this special time with your loved ones.

baby star

Easter Graphic provided by the Graphics Fairy

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