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The Baby Weekender

2010 March 13


Significant 1st Trimester Weight Gain Risk

Researchers have discovered that women who gained weight at a slow pace during the first trimester displayed the lowest risk of gestational diabetes.  While women who were overweight at conception and those that gained weight quickly in the 1st trimester showed a heightened risk of developing the dangerous condition.  Careful monitoring of weight gain in early pregnancy is now being urged to curb potential complications prior to testing for glucose levels between the 24th -28th weeks of pregnancy.

Vaccine Court Rejects Autism Claims

Comprehensive article from CNN detailing the recent ruling in “Vaccine Court” rejecting claims that thimerosal laced vaccines caused autism in three test cases.

Home Based Male Fertility Test

The FDA is currently reviewing a home sperm count kit.  Claiming an accuracy rate of 96%, the kit will allow couples an inexpensive, convenient and private method to determine if infertility is tied to a male factor.  The kits are already set to debut in Europe.

Baby Routines

Predictability makes for a peaceable nursery.

Mothers Work, Inc.

Breastfeeding Older Children

Here is a Mail Online article that discusses the book by Anne Sinnott titled “Breastfeeding Older Children”.  The practice of breastfeeding a child over two is often misunderstood.   Accordingly, many mothers do so in secret fearing harsh judgement from family, friends or total strangers. It’s amazing what outrage this presents in people whenever I come across these articles and read the resulting angry and ridiculing posts.  Often from men or by people without children. I have also encountered the heartfelt posts of adults who fondly recall being breastfed as infants/toddlers/children . Why can’t we just take a “live and let live ” approach to this topic? If these mothers feel that their children can benefit from extended breastfeeding maybe they intrinsically sense that this is what their children need in order to thrive.  A mother’s instinct pure and simple.  And, provided with that grace these same women should not position themselves morally any higher than those that opt to feed with formula or limit breastfeeding.  Let’s assume that all loving parents are equally committed to raising happy and healthy children.

Domo Arigato, Baby Roboto

What joy! A bouncing baby robot is born in Japan.

Celebrity Cradle

Mario Lopez baby news, more confessions from Kendra and Freddie Prinze is crowned the ” Diaper King”.

Feed The Belly

Fabulous recipes for your pregnant tum from the book “Feed Your Belly” by Francis Largeman-Roth.  I am so hungry now!

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