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The Friday Four

2010 January 8

8th Surrogate Pregnancy

This article reaffirms my belief that it takes all kind of people to run the world. A woman in the UK is serving as a surrogate mother for the the 8th time. This pregnancy she could be carrying twins. In the 7 prior pregnancies,  she donated her own eggs to couples which were then fertilized and implanted. Now at 45,  she has no genetic ties to the two embryos she is currently carrying and is simply serving as the gestational surrogate for a couple. Amazingly, the women has never raised any children of her own. She simply loves being pregnant and enjoys being able to assist couples in achieving their dream of becoming parents. The article has a  cute photo gallery of all the babies that she has birthed!  Some might criticize this women. But, in my humble opinion, I really think her “services” are wonderful. She earns only about  $24,000, so I don’t see the economic incentive. And unless, she simply has magical pregnancies void of morning sickness, extra bathroom trips, no stretch marks, backaches,and pain free labors , again, I can’t visualize the incentive.  For most of us the true “joy ” of pregnancy is ultimately being rewarded with a beautiful babe to hold and keep. I view this woman, and all other (honest) surrogates, as truly selfless and for those couples/individuals that require their services a genuine Godsend. I hope all the children get to meet this woman one day and their brothers and sisters.

Woman Sterilized Without Consent

And while we are on the subject of multiple pregnancies, here is an interesting story about a mother of 9 who is suing a medical center over allegedly sterilizing her without consent. There are a lot of hot button issues surrounding this woman’s particular set of  circumstances. I’ll let you read further and let you take your own stand. But the story merits discussion simply on the grounds that horrible medical mistakes can happen to anyone regardless of socio-economic circumstances.  So that we do not find ourselves in a similar plight there have to be ramifications.  And if it is determined that the procedure, was not error but rather manifestations of the medical center’s  political or religious beliefs then there equally needs to be corrective and punitive action.  I would be heartbroken and furious if I I was robbed by medical error or by someones righteous opinion of  my ability to have children.

Elephant Moms

Switching gears to the lighter side …..well, I guess this is still on the heavy side .  I adore  elephants.  And,  when I was pregnant I would jokingly remind myself of how easy my 9 months was compared to the 22 months of an elephant.  Here is a funny story link about a German zoo providing pre-natal classes to pregnant elephant moms.  Poor girls!

Baby Talk

And completing the Friday Four, here is an interesting video segment from ABC News that discusses how to foster language development and comprehension in infants.  Evidently, baby talk has its merits.

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