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2011 August 14


COX-2 Inhibitors Might Reduce Postpartum Breast Cancers

Pain relieving and anti-inflammatory drug known as COX-2 Inhibitors (such as, Ibuprofren) might mitigate the occurrence or severity of postpartum breast cancers.  Postpartum women are susceptible to aggressive breast cancers. When lactation ceases, in a process known as involution, many complicated structural changes take place within the breasts. Milk producing cells die and are replaced by fat cells.  Additionally, an enzyme, known as cox-2,  known for pain and inflammation responses, is instrumental in creating fresh fibrous collagen pathways to transport healthy cells with the newly non-lactating tissues. However, such pervasive pathways can also serve as transport for cancer cells. Drugs that interfere with the COX-2  response could offer protective measures against cancer. Researchers claim further study is required prior to prescribing this treatment as a preventive measure.

British Columbia Birthing System – Time For A Revision

Interesting examination of the”growing” pains that British Columbia birthing system is facing.  The article also compares and contrasts structural and cultural norms in relation to other countries.

Surrogacy Scam

Two prominent attorneys plead guilty in “Baby Selling” ring.

HypnoBirthing – Is It Right For You?

Looking for a birthing experience that allows you to be present, powerful and peaceful? Try HypnoBirthing.

Couple Conceives & Births Twins After Incredible Fertility Obstacles

“The level of Rachel’s immune abnormalities were the highest I had ever seen, and the most likely cause of her miscarriages and failed treatments” Dr. George Nduke

Weekly Diaper Deals

Check out the Thrifty for diaper deals and more savings for the entire family.

Pet Meets Baby

The American Humane Society is offering a free guide packed with information on how to introduce your family pet(s) to your new baby. Also, enter the “Pet Meets Baby” contest by sharing your thoughts on the safety campaign.

Celebrity Cradle:

Tina Fey’s Latest Production

Viola Davis Awaits A Baby

Toy Story 3 Toys available Now at!

Tiny Tillia

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