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Thursday Times

2010 January 21

Flying While Pregnant

Great tips about flying while pregnant and the potential for concern over the usage of full-body scanners on pregnant women.  I am glad to see someone addressing the effect of these scanners on the unborn.

Fertility Myths Debunked

Informative GMA video segment with a leading fertility expert. Did any surprise you?

Nursery Budget

Some very sensible thoughts for designing the perfect nursery while minding your wallet. I agree about the changing table tip.  We used a plain pad on our long bathroom counter.  Having the water nearby,ready counter space and cabinet storage proved wonderful.  It was  great to be able to save a few hundred dollars.

Tweeting Through Labor

Australian woman tweets through labor.

A Mothers Sacrifice

This a very poignant recollection of a mother that gave her son up for adoption 45 years ago.  I wasn’t certain at first if should post this story. I questioned at first how it fit into our “news format”.  But, it is so moving and emotionally complicated that I thought it would be worth sharing.  Times are very different these days.

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