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“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ” ~Elizabeth Stone

Improving Male Fertility With Fruits and Vegetables

MSNBC Article citing that fruits and vegetables may improve male fertility

Oral Health and Male Fertility

Discussion on oral health and male fertility

FertilAid for Men

MotilityBoost for Men

General Pregnancy Dietary Advice

Worthwhile read for the information on items to add or delete from your diet.


Menstrual Cycle Discussion

Detailed discussion on the menstrual cycle.

OvaCue Fertility Monitor

Hypothyroidism and Iodine Deficiency Ties To Infertility

Article from Fertility Today – Discussing hypothyroidism and iodine deficiency as a cause of infertility.

Sea Vegetables

Info on sea vegetables: A good source of Iodine and other nutrients.

The Complete Organic Pregnancy. Click Image For Ordering Information

Adrenal Health

Article about adrenal health in women.

Aspirin & Fertility

Article on aspirin and fertility.

Evening Primrose Oil

Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

Article on nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and infertility.

A Good Conception Strategy

The sperm meets egg plan.

Learn about Ovulation Predictor Tests and Pregnancy Tests

Great information on ovulation predictor and pregnancy tests.

Bend, Breathe, and Conceive Yoga Video Clip

Fertility Awareness Method, Food and Night Lighting

Article from Weston Price on the Fertility Awareness Method, Food and Night Lighting.

Support for the “Two Week Wait”

Fun and supportive website that is focused on the “two week wait” between conception and the detection of a pregnancy.

Robitussin/Guaifenesin and Cervical Mucous

Article on using Robitussin/Guaifenesin to improve cervical mucous.

FertilAid for Women Formula


Described as “The leading destination for women trying to conceive” focuses on ovulation and fertility charting.

Taking charge of your fertility – by Toni Weschler

A valuable book.

Womb Ecology

Article on prenatal pollution by Michael Odent.

The Fertility Diet

Article on the Fertility Diet book

Misdiagnosed Miscarriage

Tremendous site with information and forums both on misdiagnosed miscarriages and actual loss. Offers hope and information in a supportive forum. Has a fantastic trying to conceive forum.

Pregnancy Plus Prenatal Vitamin

Products to Help you Conceive

BD Digital Basal Thermometer

OV-Watch Fertility Predictor, 1-month Kit Model SKEE

Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor

Clearblue Easy Ovulation Test, Easy Read, Digital

Maybe MOM Mini-Ovulation Microscope

Fertile-Focus Saliva Ovulation Fertility Test

Pre-Seed Intimate Moisturizer, 8+ Applications

Clearblue Easy Pregnancy Test, Digital

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